Our People Friendly Guide To How And What We Use Your Data For. Use This Page To Process Your Request Using Self Service Or GDPR

What Is This Page?

GDPR - the General Data Protection Regulation is an EU Regulation (mirrored by the UK) that offers privacy protections and rights regarding the storing and processing of their data regardless of who is processing that information or where in the world.

At the moment, it seems every GDPR policy that is being sent out is VERY hard to understand. That's because it's written by legal people. We've got that age too.

We wanted this page to be understandable to people who may not have the time or inclination to get a Law Degree but still feel they deserve to benefit from the rollout of GDPR.

This page is not designed to be a heavy, difficult to understand document, but rather an easy to understand clear summary to help you get the most out of GDPR.

Self Service: Faster Alternatives To Making A Request

The GDPR process, known as a subject access request involves verifying your identity and then our Data Officer processing your request. We want you to know that you ALWAYS have these rights with us, regardless of where you live in the world.

However, we also know that sometimes you would rather just get the job done, without having to go through a bueracratic process that can take up to 30 days. That's why we want to present to you a number of alternatives.

Please note, that there is no requirement for you to use these services, feel free to just make a GDPR request.

Viewing / Editing / Delete Your Data On Convertri.com

We use Convertri, a page building tool to create review pages, optin pages and checkout pages. Most of our new pages are built with Convertri - but legacy pages (before 2017) may be built in Leadpages. Normally page building tools don't store data, but if you've interacted with us in the past two years, then the chances are if we hold any data, you can process it as you want, RIGHT NOW, with Convertri.

Viewing / Editing / Delete Your Data On Aweber

Over 90% of our subscribers and customers are stored on our main email platform, Aweber. Whilst there is chance you may be stored on a platform such as Drip, which we use for storing details of purchases and fullfiling them, it is still likely your details will be on Aweber.com.

Aweber.com already provides you with a way view, edit and delete your data. 

Simply use the form below to prove you have access to the email address you wish to view / edit / delete data for, and then follow the instructions in the email to see ALL information held by us in Aweber.com on you.

Coming Soon Purchase Self Service

What Are Your Rights Under The GDPR?

To make a request under GDPR, simply scroll to the bottom of this page and click 'Start A Request'. We currently offer GDPR protection to citizens both within and without the European Union to ensure that everyone gets fair treatment.

  • Right To View Data We Store About You
  • Right To Edit Data We Store About You
  • Right To Know Who We Use To Process Your Data
  • Right To Be Forgotten

GDPR: Our Promise To You

  • We will keep your data within Refractive Media Limited and our trusted third party technologies we use such as Convertri.com, Aweber.com, Thivecart etc. 
  • Refractive Media Limited has and will maintain our technical and organizational measures to keep your data safe.  
  • Refractive Media Limited will ONLY process your data for legitimate interest-based purposes and or where you have specifically instructed us to through an action such as (but not limited to) an email list optin where the purposes is clearly stated, fullfiling a purchase or a GDPR Subject Access Request.
  • Refractive Media Limited will follow your instructions regarding the storage and processing of your data. Most importantly, you can withdraw your consent to receive any information from Refractive Media Limited at any time.  
  • You have the right to ‘be forgotten’ or to request that Refractive Media Limited erases your personal data, especially data that is no longer necessary. If there is ever a data breach, Refractive Media Limited will notify you without delay with the next steps to protect your data.

Making A Request Under GDPR

To make a request under GDPR, simply scroll to the bottom of this page and click 'Start A Request'. We currently offer GDPR protection to citizens both within and without the European Union to ensure that everyone gets fair treatment.

  • Confirm The Type Of Request You Would Like To Make At The Bottom Of This Page
  • Confirm Your Identity - By Confirming That You Own The Email Address You Are Requesting Information On
  • All Other Busineses Processes Involving Your Records Will Cease Until The GDPR Request (known as a Subject Access Request) Is Complete
  • We Promise To Complete Your Request Within 30 Days
  • Your Request Will Be Delivered To The Email Address You Confirmed Your Identity With
  • Unless You Have Chosen To The Right To Edit Your Data, You Will Be Deleted From The GDPR Processing List As Soon As We Have Fullfilled Your Request.

Why We Hold Your Information

We maintain several marketing newsletters. Your data may be stored on one of these third party processors if:

  • - You have purchased one of our training products
  • - You have purchased one of our software product
  • - You have purchased a third party product from us where we have offered one or more bonuses
  • - You have directly joined our newsletter list
  • - You have opted into joining one of our email lists to claim a product of some sort

What Information We Hold?

Here is the type of information we store:

  • Email Marketing: Name (if given) , Email Address (always) , IP Address (if available)
  • Purchases: Email (always), Name (if asked for at time of purchase), Address (if a physical product)
  • Remarketing / Cookies / Pixels: We do not have access to individual identities stored on our retargetting list that are maintained by Facebook and Perfect Audience.
  • Custom Audiences: If you have made a purchase from us, then you will have been added to a custom audience within the Facebook platform, to allow us to remarket to you and show relevant content to your purchase.

What Information You Can Request Be Edited Or Deleted?

When we received a request (known as a Subject Access Request) to view information, we can supply all records held on you within 30 days.

All record can be edited and or deleted apart from:

  • Facebook Retargetting and Custom Audiences (we have no tool to do this)
  • Transactional Records which are required by Her Majesy's Revenue and Customs for 7 years 

Third Party Processors

Below is a list of the subprocessors we use.

1. LiquidWeb – U.S.A.  

2. Zendesk, Inc. – U.S.A.  

3. Google LLC (Google for Business) – U.S.A.  

4. Rackspace US, Inc. – U.S.A.  

5. AwProTools.com - U.S.A

6. Facebook, Inc. – U.S.A.  

7. AWeber Systems, Inc. – U.S.A.  

8. GetResponse Sp. z o.o. – Poland

9. BriteVerify - UK 

10. Prestige Digital (Convertri.com) - UK

11. Avenue 81 LLC (Leadpages.net) - USA

12. Avenue 81 LLC (Drip.co) - USA

13. Marin Software (Perfectaudience.com)

14. Mindless Donkey LLC / BBC Systems LLC (JVZOO.com) - USA

15. (Thrivecart.com) - New Zealand

16. Amazon - USA

Who Are We, What Do We Offer?

Refractive Media Limited, a UK Registered Company since 2007, based in Leeds, England.

We offer a number of services:

  • - Marketing consultancy for business
  • - Marketing training programs for business and indivuals
  • - Networking Events
  • - Cloud based software for helping businesses with marketing
  • - A daily newsletter of recommnded strategies and recommended third party products that we likely receive some form of compensation for.

Our Managing Director Is Steven Peter Benn.

Our Address Is:

Refractive Media Limited The Round Foundry Media Centre, Leeds, LS11 5QP

Our Telephone Number Is: 0113 3226241

Unhappy About Our GDPR Processing? Have Other Legal Concerns?

If you've already entered the GDPR process and are unhappy with the results you may request arbitration by emailling gdpr@stevebenn.com with the subject line 'Abritration'. Please note that this email address cannot be used without a vaild, existing GDPR request over 29 days old.

Alternatively, if you wish to comment on our process, or you have a legal query or action that is not covered by GDPR this must be made in writing to:

ATTENTION: Direct Processing Refractive Media Limited The Round Foundry Media Centre Foundry Street Leeds LS11 5QP

Understanding Our Resolution Process

There are three ways to enter our 'resolution process'.

  • 1) Request to enter our resolution process after already having made a Subject Access Request under GDPR. You may alternatively choose arbitration. This is up to you.
  • 2) Threatening or engaging in any form of legal action against Refractive Media Limited and or its owners and employees
  • 3) Submit Multiple Spurious Or Malicous Requests


Once you enter the resolution process begins:

  • All correspondance must be conducted in writing only. Electronic, in person or telephonice conversations will not be entered into from this point. Depending on the cirumstances of the request, we may choose to interpret your followup as a request to be forgotten. We will always give you the opportunity to request an archive of this data - if you have not already completed a GDPR request, this request will take 30 days to process.
  • At the end of the resolution process you will either be passed to our legal representives or hopefully, we've resolved the issue.

Refractive Media Limited The Round Foundry Media Centre Foundry Street Leeds LS11 5QP